Ministries Staff

Rev. Dr. Olivia Bryan Updegrove

Minister for Ministries Across Generations


Rev. Dr. Updegrove is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  She attended seminary at Lexington Theological Seminary and completed her doctoral work at Claremont School of Theology with an emphasis in preaching.  She has worked with kids, youth, and young adults at various stages of her ministry, and has a deep passion for biblical education for all ages as a foundation for deeper spiritual growth.

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Rev. Randy Kuss
Youth & Young Adult Consultant

Disciples Home Missions

Randy is a Disciples minister with over 40 years experience in congregational, regional, and denominational Christian education and youth ministries. He served as denominational Director of Youth Ministries for the Disciples of Christ from 1995 to 2003. He now serves as Minister of Christian Education and Youth Ministries with Speedway Christian Church and is active in summer camps for Indiana churches. Randy is a founding partner of DYMN (Disciples Youth Ministry Network), Communications Coordinator for Indiana Network for Higher Education Ministries, and leads spiritual renewal and discernment retreats for youth workers and other church leaders. He is a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator and a 2011 Journey Fellow. Randy is a graduate of Phillips University (BA, 1975) and Phillips Theological Seminary (MDiv, 1980). Randy's wife, Rev. Deb Strock-Kuss, is a Disciples minister serving with Pittsboro Christian Church  They have two grown  children, Georgia and Blaine. He is is a photographer, storyteller, song-leader, extremely occasional songwriter, and enjoys time with family, a monthly gathering of friends, as well as music, fishing, walks, woodwork, reading, and his Mac and iPhone.

Ministry Associate


Kelly Harris

Ministry Associate

Ministries Across Generations



Ministries Across Generations

Includes Representatives:
Families & Children, Worship & Wonder, Youth/Young Adult, General Youth Council, Obra Hispana, Young Adult Commission, Christian Education, NAPAD, National Convocation, New Church (HOPE/CE), Global Ministries, NBA and UCC Rep.


Present/Past Committee Members:
Sheila Spencer, Olivia Bryan Updegrove, Lisa Engelken, Randy Kuss, Lucy (Diaz) Baquero, Yessica Munoz, Kate Summers, Cathy Nichols, Terrell McTyer, Brett Coe, Blake Coe, Chanhee Ho, Bonnie Rambob, Antonio Redd, Yunkyong Lee Hill, Young Sook Kim and Susan Kim


Rev. Sheila Spencer

Interim President, DHM
Director, Christian Education/Faith Formation


Sheila Spencer has mutliple roles serving Disciples Home Missions, overseeing Christian Education and Faith Formation as well as serving as Assistant to the President. She also holds a merger staff position of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), responsible for the development and implementation of programs which nurture, specifically, African American congregations.

Rev. Lisa Engelken

Minister for Children Worship & Wonder

"Life is all about Plan B."  This is Lisa Engelken's life motto.  When you think have everything planned, organized, and ready to go-God call's us elsewhere.  Lisa is the mother of four beautiful children and has hosted three courageous daughters from Germany and Brazil.  Her life is wonderfully crazy.   In the midst of the chaos of raising children Lisa was called into ministry to help share story the people of God's faithful stories- not to just children but to their families. 


Lisa Engelken is excited to serve as Coordinator of Children Worship & Wonder at Disciples Home Missions. She has been a trainer in Children Worship & Wonder for 16 years.  Children Worship & Wonder is a Montessori-based worship with children.  She serves on a team with 20 other trainers. In July 2015 Lisa became a trainer to train more trainers.


Lisa is a commissioned minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) serving in the Greater Kansas City Region. In 2003 Lisa was called into ministry through the New Church Ministry and Dick Hamm’s 2020 Vision:  2000 new churches 2000 new ways.  Lisa combined her passion for Children and Family ministry with the new church initiatives and she has been leading families to explore their faith together through the house church model and intergenerational worships for several years. 

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