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Faith at Home Updated Women

Click here to purchase the stories -- $25.00 total
Along with 12 individual stories of women in the Bible, the guide will help your church and home communities engage in worship from church to home — and back to church.
Stories Include: Dinah, Miriam, Rahab, Deborah, Naomi, Abigail, Huldah, Anna, Martha, Tabitha, Lydia, and Priscilla (Download Only) 

Lifelong Faith: June Clinics

The Clinics are not webinars. These are two-session, online, design labs in which one of the Lifelong Faith Team will facilitate you and your team in actually creating programming that addresses the needs of people today using the most effective skills, tools, and processes. 

Once a month ....MONDAY ZOOM! 2:30 EST

Previous Meeting Videos: Here

Join us for the most informative 1 hour of your month as we engage with amazing people, share resources, and continue innovatively doing the work God has called us to do for God's people! We meet mostly the 1st Monday of the month (unless there are holidays, like Labor Day in September). 
  • Monday, June 6, 2022: David Csinos - The Pulpit. The Final Frontier of Intergenerational Worship: Why Intergenerational Preaching Matters.
    Dave Csinos, https://www.davecsinos.com, is associate professor of practical theology at Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and founder of Faith Forward, an ecumenical network of progressive leaders in ministry with children, youth, and families. He is the author or editor of seven books, the most recent of which is A Gospel for All Ages: Teaching and Preaching with the Whole Church. 
  • Summer Break... Return Monday, September 12th (2nd Monday - Due to Labor Day) 
  • 2nd Monday - September 12th: Jan Aerie - Aging
  • Monday, October 3rd: Teresa Kim Pecinovsky: Author of Mother God

GenON Cohort and Communities (Click here for more information)

So many churches are struggling with quality ways to be a community for all ages. Many of us have limited staff, limited resources, and limited leadership.  It is difficult to know where to put what limited time and energy we have left towards empowering ourselves and others to know the love of God through Jesus.  This is especially true when it comes to working with our youth, young adults, children, and families. 

NEW books to help families and children talk about COVID-19

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